Thrifty Summer Beauty Tips

Thrifty Summer Beauty Tips

Here are our top thrifty summer beauty tips to Love Yourself For Less this summer!

1) Beachy Waves

Get the “I just stepped out of the ocean, check out my I don’t care hairstyle” look with Sexy Messy Hair Salt Spray. Spray this wonderful stuff on your hair (wet or dry) give it a few scrunches and watch the magic happen, beautifully beachy locks that hold all day. Perfect for festivals or on the beach.



2) Juicy Lips

So this summer is all about Nude lips depending on who you get your fashion advice from. Don’t fall into the trap and think you need to get a “nude” colour lip gloss, you already have your best colour attached to your face. Just look after it a little more with Lip Care Tins. Guaranteed to moisture, soften, soothe, protect and save you some extra money against the brands. lip care

3) Fresh Faces

Using a gentle cleanser and toner every day is great advice for all skin lovers, but especially in summer you a more likely to sweat and create and oily film to your skin. Try using our Cleansing Milk and Toner every evening before bed, and see your skin glow. Mix in the fact they are only £1 each, absolutely bargainous!


4) Sun Scene

Get a big floppy hat, and use it. Where as it may seem nice to get a tan whilst baking yourself like a reptile, it is obvious that your skin comes first, be sun smart and protect yourself, use sunscreen and light cotton clothing. You will be thankful later in life when you don’t look like a leather purse.


5) Happy Feet.

Your feet are super important to take care of, they are the part of your body that really needs attention in summer, cracked heels from flip-flops are not particularly attractive. Luckily we have a simple tip for you, try using our Besswax Infused Hand & Nail Cream, slap a little of this on your tootsies in the morning and at night, and your feet will be like Cinderellas’. Plus the SPF helps prevent top foot burning.



Take all of these simple, and affordable steps, and you will be looking good and feeling fantastic this summer whilst sticking to your budget. Perfect.

Lots of Love.

Derma V10.

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