Solkiss Self Tan Applicator Mitt: 3 in 1

Solkiss Self Tan Applicator Mitt: 3 in 1

Derma V10 Solkiss Self Tan Applicator Mitt: 3 in 1

What does it do?

Our Self Tan Applicator Mitt is one of our reasonably priced beauty products, designed to help apply self tanning lotions and mousses more evenly without staining your hands. The white sponge side is to gently exfoliate the skin and apply the tan product, the brown soft cotton side is to buff the skin after application for a streak free finish.


How to use?

1. Exfoliate – Use the white sponge side to gently buff the skin, removing any dead skin cells.

2. Apply Fake Tan – Making sure you are wearing the protective Latex glove. Apply a small amount of self tanning product on to the white sponge side of the mitt and apply gently over the skin using a smooth action. It is recommended to moisturise joint areas such as knees, elbows, and ankles before use; the same applies to any dry skin areas.

3. Buff Skin – Wait until the tanning product is suitable dried, and use the soft brown side of the mitt to gently buff off any excess colour.


Please note that when you are done, this product is re-useable after washing in warm water. Remember to save the latex gloves and keep them with your Mitt.


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