Derma V10 Mascara: Volume & Length

Derma V10 Mascara: Volume & Length

Derma V10 Mascara: Volume & Length


What does it do?

DermaV10 Black Mascara has been designed to give your eyelashes luxurious volume & length. The advanced brush tip helps to ensure full and even eyelash coverage. Add additional coats to increase volume & length.


How to use?

For the best results, apply mascara until the desired effect is achieved. Do not let the mascara dry between coats. Achieve desired thrifty beauty!


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Product Reviews

  • “The wand is very curved and i find it gives me lovely curl to my lashes, it also catches every lash when using. I really have no negative thoughts on this product i really have been enjoying this for the last month.”

    - Vicky

  • “I reach for this every single day and forgotten my other mascaras. I like to have lashes that appear natural and with a little something. Almost like the natural fake lashes you get. And this gives me that. It has a thick texture and a wet formula to it which I thought would take a long time to dry but is the opposite and is really dark. That’s perfect as I like my lashes to look really dark. The best part is that it’s only £1.49. Yes. You read that right.”

    - Hareem