Classic Colour: Permanent Hair Colour

Classic Colour: Permanent Hair Colour

Derma V10 Classic Colour – Permanent Hair Colour

What does it do?

Classic Colour is our flagship permanent hair colour cream, providing a gentle effect on the hair with a colour locking agent designed to give bright, vibrant, salon quality hair colour. Ensuring maximum protection, elasticity, density and strength of hair.

The fixing balm is enriched with jojoba oil, aloe vera and red grape extract, conditioning the hair after colouring, leaving it soft and manageable, with fade free colour.

Available In:

0.1 – Black

3.1 – Extra Light Natural Blonde

3.8 – Light Natural Beige Blonde

8.2 – Light Brown

8.5 – Brown

8.8 – Dark Brown

9.3 – Burgundy Red

More Information:

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