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Smart Beauty Blog : “Chicken Skin”

Have you ever looked at your arms, legs, thighs or bum, and wondered what those annoying tiny red bumps are that just won’t go away! If the above photo looks familiar, you probably have Keratosis Pilaris commonly known as “Chicken Skin”. Not too worry, you’re definitely not alone as about one third of the population has it. It’s… Read more »


Beauty Smart Blog : 25 Facts About Sleep

Sleep is a vital part of our everyday lives, if you ask any medical professional sleep is one of the most important parts of a healthy and active lifestyle. So to dispel some of the myths and give some insight into sleep and sleeping problems, we are sharing the National Sleep Foundations 25 random facts… Read more »

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Beauty Smart Blog : Black & White Heads

We all have experienced those annoying little Black Heads & White Heads on our skin. In this week’s blog we are going to look at the difference between white and black heads, why they occur, how to treat them and how we can prevent them!   What are Black Heads and White Heads? These minor… Read more »


Beauty Smart Blog : Free Radicals

Here at Derma V10, we love sharing our knowledge about everything beauty related, every week we will be shedding some light onto beauty related topics, and this week we tackle a prominent issue head on, Free Radicals.


Christmas with Derma V10.

Welcome to Christmas with Derma V10. We have designed a great range of affordable gift sets and stocking fillers for this years festive season. Designed to provide a smile for any of your friends, family and loved ones lucky enough to be on your Christmas list. We begin our range with some beautiful stocking fillers.  … Read more »

Why are our products so cheap?

We had a fantastic post from @TinkerbellJayne on twitter, who said.   A question for my blog. I really like your products but can’t work out why they are so cheap, can you shed some light?   Thank you for getting in touch Tink, here is what we have to say on the matter!  … Read more »

Winter Beauty Tips

Winter Beauty Tips

  It is easy to forget about caring for your skin in the cold winter months, with layers of jumpers, coats and scarves, it can sometimes leave your skin under-moisturised and prone to dryness. Here are our top five affordable tips to help fight the winter chill, and keep you looking beautiful with our low… Read more »

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Low Cost Beauty Products On Our Brand New Website

The Latest in Low Cost Beauty Products From Derma V10 Hello!! Welcome to our new Derma V10 website, designed to give you guys all latest updates and information on affordable beauty products from Derma V10. We have split our products into 3 main sections (Skin Care, Hair Care & Mens) to help you guys find… Read more »